Exploring the urban streets is the most challenging side of documentary photography. The city exhibits its bright and dark sides, just like a black and white photograph. Walking and watching intensively, mind open with a finger on the 'trigger' you catch the interactions, emotions between the people and the city. Staying alert, feeling alive, ready to capture. Awaiting, anticipating that decisive moment.

Pawel is mostly working in Photojournalism and Street Photography, although has a great passion for music festivals. Through his career as a Photographer he was commissioned to take photographs in  Europe covering a variety of events. Currently working freelance for a number of companies while running photography album business at QTAlbums, Pawel is always looking for stories to tell through the photographic medium.

Selected list of clients and publications: 
River Film London, Hospital Records, Nick Wild Photography, Street Art UTOPIA, Street Art Magazine, Huffington Post, Holi Festival London, Tauron New Music Festival, Katowice City Marketing materials, NoiseGod Film (stills), 

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