VooVoo - it’s been a long time


All the December shopping and Xmas Prep are in motion - everyone is rushing, running, shouting, buying etc. This year Santa gave me something that I could experience with my wife - that is the very intimate concert of VooVoo - a Polish Jazz Band that creates something one of a kind. VooVoo the last their release is 7 - which describes 7 days of a week. The beautiful sound of improvised jazz filled my heart and soul - it was mesmerising.


“VooVoo was formed back in 1986 by the leading Polish rock and jazz musicians:
WOJCIECH WAGLEWSKI - lead singer, guitarist and musician who toured and made studio recordings with the leading jazz artists, spent 6 years abroad (1979 - 85). He tours and records with ‘Osjan’ and ‘Gaya’.
MATEUSZ POSPIESZALSKI - saxophone, flute, clarinet, accordion, keyboard instruments, vocals. He performed with ‘Mannam’, ‘Tie Break’ and ‘Graal’ as well as Stanislaw Sojka. At the moment he is working with ‘YeShe’.
PIOTRSTOPA’ ŻYŻYLEWICZ - drums. He played with ‘Armia’ and ‘Israel’, now he is working with ‘Tymoteusz 2TM,2,3’
KARIM MARTUSEWICZ - double bass and bass guitar, joined VooVoo in 1998. He graduated from Jazz School in Gratz (Austria). He gave concerts with different groups (mainly funky and jazz) in Austria, Germany, Italy and Turkey. At Montreux’97 Jazz Festival he played with Delmar Brown and Dong Wimbish.”


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