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  1. VooVoo - it’s been a long time

    10 Dec 2017

    Hi,  All the December shopping and Xmas Prep are in motion - everyone is rushing, running, shouting, buying etc. This year Santa gave me something that I could experience with my wife - that is the very intimate concert of VooVoo - a Polish Jazz Band that creates something one…

  2. Camp Archipelago 2016

    12 Nov 2017

    The Camp Archipelago - a something that happened not long time ago - and believe it was great to meet this photography friends.  People behind the Camp - Don & Helen, Rafal Bojar managed to get an amazing team of people together.  Finally, we had a chance to meeting in…

  3. Lake District and SNAP Reunion

    06 Nov 2017

    Hi ! So - here it is a very short blog about our travels - our that means mine and Ula’s We want to take you for a short journey with our photography - and we hope you like it.  This is a Snap Reunion - Lake District -…

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