Camp Archipelago 2016

The Camp Archipelago - a something that happened not long time ago - and believe it was great to meet this photography friends.  People behind the Camp - Don & Helen, Rafal Bojar managed to get an amazing team of people together.  Finally, we had a chance to meeting in person with Twyla Jones and Gary Wiggam - and yes we did enjoy time spent together.

On Camp Archipelago, we witnessed wedding of Twyla Jones and Gary Wiggam 

Here are some pictures from our trip! 

Edited with amazing Jacob Loafman LOAF presets 

Lake District and SNAP Reunion

Hi ! So - here it is a very short blog about our travels - our that means mine and Ula’s

We want to take you for a short journey with our photography - and we hope you like it. 

This is a Snap Reunion - Lake District - Arnside, UK. The Snap Reunion is meeting of snapsters ( member of SNAP Community Group ) after a wedding season! We have attended the event as the main sponsor -

More info about Snap Photography Festival you can find here:

I think that’s all - until next time for now! 

Cheers P. 

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